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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Moral degeneration

Parents have definately come a long way since the days of scolding children for doing wrong. The ramifications of the newly developed ethical principles that afford underage children the privillege to report their parents to authorities the moment they laid their hands on them. Teenage pregnancy and amature sexual acts by minors have increased drammatically to such an extent that mothers are now turned to Grand ma's who have to fend for both their grand children and their baby mamas. In the heat of the moment, the three steps or abc's of sexual prevention known as abstinance, be faithfull and condomise are neglected for a moment's pleasure that may later bring very testing consequences. This past Sunday the preacher in church swore in God's name that he would never marry gay couple and quite franctly i agree with him, i mean the concept of two men in a doggey style position getting it on just doest do it for me. I hope i did nt upset queers and faggs, but in the bible God created adam and eve, not Steve.


At 5:30 AM, Blogger nthatuwa said...

I feel unworthhy to be commenting on your posting as mine are pretty dull and not yet meaningfull.
I admire your honesty and openess on something you feel strongly about. I must say I agree with you. and I'm the kind person that doesn't shy away from airing my opinions when need be.
i shall take your example and use my blog to SPEAK out on issues I feel strongly about. I think i'll keep visiting your blog. Well, that's if you continue to post interesting issues.
i think your blog is cool.



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